5.0 3 reviews
  • Dominique Mullins
    8 months ago
    I can't believe they were able to get us into a 2015. With my husband, and I. We don't have the greatest credit. He kept up on communication with my husband via text. And even came in on his day off to see us, and get us into our new car. This was the fastest dealership trip we've ever had. In, and out the door in our new car. My husband told him what our needs are, and what we were looking for, and they didn't have it at that particular lot, so they brought it all the way down from Olympia. Before we could even say anything, he mentioned that the trunk has a big dent in it and that it will get fixed free of charge. So Friday we will be taking it to the lot it was originally on to get it fixed. That was a big plus for us, as our experience in the past has always been fighting dealerships tooth, and nail to get something fixed on a car we were buying. Aside from that, we are so surprised they wanted to help us. We originally wanted to trade in our impala, but for reasons we couldn't. BUT they still got us a car!! All the other dealerships just said oh no sorry can't help you. They went the extra mile to try to help us, along with the amazing communication. We absolutely love our car, and know there is still a lot of life in it. It only has 55k miles!! This is the newest car we've ever had! And we will continue to come. And maybe when we can trade in our impala we will go there! I wish I could remember the guys name that helped us. Thank you so much!! We love our Toyota Corolla!!, and now I can get back to work having two cars!!
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  • Felicia Burgess
    10 months ago
    Alex and Ryan have been great!! Both where very upfront with me about everything and got me into a car that works for me. The best part is neither of them tried to be pushy like a lot of other places.
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  • Nicholas Cardell
    a year ago
    The amazing gentleman here went above and beyond to work with my limited budget. Went in only looking, and came out with a vehicle I am very happy with. would definitely recommend!
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